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Rustic Ridge – Full Plan Set


Plan Set includes: Elevations, Framing, Roof Plan, Foundation, Window and Door Schedules, Electrical Layout, Plumbing Locations


36’x48′ Overall
3 Bedroom
2 Bath
Wood Fireplace
Crawlspace Foundation

The Rustic Ridge Barndominium plan set includes detailed architectural drawings and schedules that provide a comprehensive guide for constructing this unique residence. Here’s a summary of what is included in this set:

Detailed Floor Plans:

Precise layout of each room and space within the Barndominium.
Dimensions and areas of living spaces, bedrooms, kitchen, laundry, porches, carport, and other areas.
Elevation Drawings:

Elevations showing the exterior view from all sides (front, back, left, and right).
These drawings detail the aesthetic and structural elements of the building’s exterior.
Foundation Layout:

Detailed design of the foundation, including concrete slab and footing specifications.
Information on reinforcing rods, vapor barriers, and other foundational elements.
Framing Details:

Specifications for wall and roof framing.
Details about headers, beams, and other structural components.
Roof Framing Plan:

Detailed layout and specifications for the roofing structure.
Information on slopes and angles for roof construction.
Electrical Plan:

Location of electrical outlets, switches, and fixtures.
Details about lighting, fans, and other electrical components.
Plumbing Locations:

Layout of plumbing fixtures such as toilets, showers, and sinks.
Details about connections and water lines.
Schedules for Doors and Windows:

Detailed list of all doors and windows, including dimensions and types.
Information on the style and material of each door and window.
Cabinet Schedule:

Specifications for cabinetry in the kitchen and other areas.
Details on dimensions, styles, and materials.
This set of plans is designed to provide a complete blueprint for constructing the Rustic Ridge Barndominium, offering a clear roadmap for builders and ensuring that all aspects of the design are well-documented and easy to follow.

The “Rustic Ridge Barndominium” plans reveal a meticulously designed residence that artfully combines rustic charm with modern amenities. Here’s a detailed description for potential buyers:


The Rustic Ridge Barndominium features expansive living spaces and unique design elements, offering a perfect blend of rustic aesthetics and modern living.
The plan showcases a variety of porches and outdoor spaces, emphasizing a connection with nature and providing ample opportunities for outdoor relaxation and entertainment.
Size and Layout:

Overall, the Barndominium spans a considerable area, with a spacious interior living space of 2,080 square feet.
The living and kitchen area forms the heart of the home, offering 947 square feet of open-plan space that’s ideal for family gatherings and entertainment.
The layout includes a large carport area of 962 square feet, providing ample space for vehicles and outdoor equipment.
Porches are a significant feature of this design, with a 661 square foot porch at one end of the building, a 448 square foot porch on another side, and an additional 989 square foot porch, ensuring plenty of options for outdoor living.
Bedrooms and other spaces are well proportioned, with Bedroom 1 having 172 square feet, Bedrooms 2 and 3 each offering 148 square feet, and additional spaces like a hidden pantry (114 square feet), laundry room (121 square feet), and various closets and bathrooms efficiently distributed throughout the plan.
Design Highlights:

The design focuses on high ceilings and large windows, creating an airy, light-filled interior that connects the indoor spaces with the natural surroundings.
The living and kitchen area, as the centerpiece, is designed for both functionality and style, with a large island and open sightlines across the room.
The bedrooms are strategically placed to ensure privacy while maintaining easy access to communal areas.
Practical elements like a spacious laundry room, hidden pantry, and ample storage spaces are integrated seamlessly into the design, enhancing both the aesthetics and functionality of the home.
The Rustic Ridge Barndominium is an ideal choice for those seeking a home that offers a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern amenities. Its thoughtful design, ample outdoor spaces, and efficient use of interior space make it a unique and desirable option for a variety of buyers.

Photos listed depict the overall design style.

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