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Buckeye Plans

The Design Process


We’ll chat with you to understand more about your vision, lifestyle, and the overall design of your home.

Buckeye Project Folder

Your Buckeye Project Folder is an important part of our process. This folder is where all of your project details are stored including your final plan files. This keeps us organized and allows you to access your files 24/7. Pretty cool huh?

Concept Development

The Buckeye Team will take all of your ideas and sketches to produce an initial draft for you to review.

Plan Review

At this stage, you will begin to review your 1st Draft of your project. It is imperative that you take some time to look things over.


After you’ve taken some time to review your plan, you will then present us with a single list of modifications to make. We include ONE free round of revisions with every order before charging for them.

Go Build Your Dream Home

Your revisions are done, plans are finalized and uploaded to your Buckeye Project Folder…the only thing left to do is contact a builder to build your dream home. Our plans can be used by any builder.
Customized Plans


First, you share your specific design changes and preferences within your Buckeye Project Folder. Second, our team will see your list of modifications and present you with a transparent and competitive pricing quote tailored to your request. (Usually between $150-350) Finally, once you approve the quote, our team gets to work, ensuring your dream home plans are precisely customized to your liking, all within your budget.

Custom Designs

your nationwide custom home designer