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The Ashwood Farmhouse


The Ashwood Plan Set includes: Elevations, Framing, Roof Plan, Foundation, Window and Door Schedules, Electrical, Plumbing, 3d Framing Views


Ashwood Farmhouse V2 Plan Sheets – Detailed Description

1. Floor Plan Overview

  • Total Area: 3095 sq ft (main living area) + 1,656 sq ft (bonus rooms)

2. Room-Specific Details

  • Specifications: 4 Bedrooms, 1 Office, 4.5 Bathrooms, Double Bonus Rooms located in the main house and garage.

3. Exterior Layout and Dimensions

  • Details: Porches, garage space

4. Elevation Plans

  • Views: Different angles, external appearance, architectural style

5. Framing Overview

  • Specifications: 2×6 Stud Framed Exterior Walls, Structural beams, headers, roof trusses

6. Door and Window Schedules

  • Lists: Dimensions, locations, types

7. Electrical Plan

  • Outline: Proposed Placement of outlets, switches, fixtures – Builder/Electrician can change as desired on site.

8. Plumbing Rough-In Plan

  • Details: Locations of drain lines through the slab.

9. General Notes and Guidelines

  • Includes: Construction process instructions, building code compliance, material suggestions

10. Terms and Conditions

  • Guidelines: Professional consultation, local building regulations

Ashwood Farmhouse V2 Highlights

1. Generous Living Space

  • Features: Expansive area, open floor plan, ideal for gatherings

2. Elegant Bedrooms

  • Design: Comfortable retreat, including a master suite

3. Modern Conveniences

  • Amenities: Coffee/wine bar

4. Dedicated Office Space

  • Function: Ideal for remote work or study

5. Functional Bathrooms and Closets

  • Focus: Functionality, organization

6. Spacious Porch and Garage

  • Inclusion: Practicality with rural pleasures

7. Versatile Bonus Rooms

  • Extra Space: 1,656 sq ft, flexible for various uses

Overall Concept

  • Design: Blend of modern functionality and classic farmhouse charm
  • Ideal for: Those valuing space, comfort, and luxury.To Modify this plan, just add the “Modified Variation” to your cart and check out. Send us a listed description or sketch of what you would like changed when checking out and a team member will reach out to you to further discuss your changes. Thank you!

Additional information

Square Footage

2400-3200, 4000-7000