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Discover cost-effective solutions for customizing your desired house plan with our detailed price guide.


Discover cost-effective solutions for customizing your Barndominium with our detailed price guide. Offering a range of modification options from basic tweaks at $350 to comprehensive structural changes at $550, we help you tailor your space to fit your lifestyle and budget. Ideal for prospective builders or homeowners looking to bring their dream home to life without the guesswork. After adding your modification options to your cart, feel free to also send us a sketched layout or markup on the floor plan you want.

Disclaimer for House Plan Modifications:

Please note that while modifications to the original house plans are made to accommodate specific requests and design preferences, there may be unforeseen changes required that were not initially apparent. For example, alterations such as moving a wall could necessitate additional adjustments in the electrical layout or plumbing locations that are not included in the initial modifications.

Buckeye Plans strives to anticipate and incorporate all necessary changes in the modified plans, but unforeseen needs for further adjustments may become evident as the design development progresses. Such changes could arise due to new information, evolving design requirements, or compliance with updated building codes.

We encourage our clients to be prepared for the possibility that additional modifications may be needed and to consider these potential adjustments during the planning phase. Buckeye Plans is not responsible for additional changes that may be required after the approval of the initial modifications.

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Basic Plan Adjustment, Comprehensive Structural Changes, Roof Line Modifications, Electrical Layout Adjustments, Plumbing Fixture Adjustments, Cabinet Layout Redesign, Window and Door Modifications, Facade Enhancement, Interior Door Adjustment, Room Resize, Porch and Deck Reconfigurations