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Ultimate Floor Plan Package


Create your dream home with our comprehensive custom home design package. Perfect for residences up to 4,000 square feet, this package includes an array of detailed plans and visualizations to bring your vision to life.

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Package Price: $5,000 (for plans up to 4,000 sq ft)

Included in the Package:

  1. Elevations
  • Description: Detailed exterior and interior views of all sides of the building.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $600

2. Foundation Plan

  • Description: Detailed layout including dimensions, construction notes, and materials.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $500

3. Framing Plan

  • Description: Detailed construction drawing of the framework of the proposed building.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $600

4. Roof Plan

  • Description: Detailed layout of roof design including pitches, valleys, and ridges.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $400

5. Electrical Plan

  • Description: Layout of electrical circuits, outlets, and fixture placements.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $450

6. Plumbing Plan

  • Description: Center location layout for plumbing fixtures. Note: This does not include detailed schematics.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $350

7. Window and Door Schedules

  • Description: Detailed list and dimensions of all windows and doors.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $300

8. Cabinet Schedules

  • Description: Detailed designs and dimensions for cabinetry.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $350

9. General Material List

  • Description: Comprehensive list of materials required for construction.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $300

10. Unlimited Revisions

11. 3D Photo Renderings (Exterior & Interior)

  • Description: High-quality 3D renderings of both exterior and interior views.
  • Price (if ordered separately): $1,000

Total Package Value (if items ordered separately): $6,000

Special Package Price: $5,000


  • Additional charges may apply for plans exceeding 4,000 sq ft. – 80 cents per sqft over 4,000sqft.